The resource-assessment exercise for the reference wind farm is being undertaken by the Environmental Flow Group at Uni Research Computing, Bergen. Thus far, it involves an eleven-year (2000-10) wind climatology generated at high resolution (3 km horizontally), using the mesoscale Weather Research and Forecasting model. The wind rose obtained holds for the dimensions of DTU's 10 MW reference wind turbine, at the location of the FINO 3 met mast in the North Sea, some 80 km offshore of the German-Danish land border.

Currently, this wind climatology is being validated to measurements made at the mast in 2010, the first full year that instruments were operational there. Further work extending the set of climatological statistics obtained at the site is scheduled, to include turbulence intensity, static stability and wind shear (and to validate these). A joint probability density function in the important atmospheric variables of wind power can thus be constructed, and key environmental dependences that must be known for optimal design of a layout established, such as that between wind direction and turbulence intensity.

A range of related data products can be realised and supplied. Profiles of mean wind, turbulence intensity and static stability, or a wind rose or other climatological relations at the appropriate height for an arbitrary turbine can, for example, be made available, at an arbitrary location, or set of locations, in the North Sea and southern Norwegian Sea. More generally, bespoke simulations can be performed at similarly high resolution for an arbitrary geographical region and climatological period, and statistical parameters as above extracted. Please contact us to discuss your data needs further.

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